SINEE Participates in ITES Show

06 / 04 / 2021

On March 30th, 2021, ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition opened in a grand way. After 22 years of development, the weathervane role of ITES Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition has been widely recognized by the industry. Many top industrial brands have taken ITES as the touchstone to develop the South China market, and competed to launch new products of the year. SINEE is no exception. As a professional company specializing in industrial automation products and solutions for nearly 20 years, SINEE has brought many new products to this industry show.


As the “Eye-catching product”, EM730 series inverter with reliable and stable performance, mini convenient design attracted many customers to come to consult. Although it is just a few short product keywords, “WIFI Remote Monitoring”, "One key Shuttle", “APP Debugging Management”, it contains SINEE's strong technical ability, which is the perfect embodiment of SINEE's business philosophy “Technology".


At the same time, EA180 series servo system is also on display in this exhibition. It not only supports a variety of bus communication protocols, but also has the advantages of fast response, strong stability, rich and complete power and so on. It is worth mentioning that the failure rate is far lower than the average rate of the industry in terms of stability. The business philosophy of "Quality" is also the cornerstone of SINEE's development.


SINEE's "Heavyweight" special product for the industry also appeared in this fair, providing a complete set of solution services based on customer needs. No matter from question asking to scheme implementation, or from top-level design to later maintenance and personalized customization, SINEE strives to provide customers with customized life-cycle solutions, and provides targeted solutions based on the combination of advanced technologies and industry experience.


Although the weather is hot, it cannot resist the audience's enthusiasm for consultation. SINEE's technical experts and customer managers have always maintained the exuberant energy to serve a wave of customers and audiences. From the product introduction to the question answering, SINEE's employees are very patient and meticulous to answer the questions raised by the audience, which is the embodiment of SINEE's business philosophy "Service"!


SINEE's "Shining performance" attracted the attention of the media on the spot. The organizer invited SINEE to be an important guest in the studio to discuss the development prospects of the servo system. “Servo system will go hand in hand and diversify development" This is not only SINEE's real answer, but also for the future vision of the development of the industry.


Based on business philosophy "Reliable drives and solutions by technology", SINEE has been adhering to the strategy of technology leading and product innovation in the past 20 years. SINEE will always pay attention to the trust and support of all partners and appreciate the recognition and understanding of every dealer.


All in all, SINEE sincerely hopes to work together with all partners to forge ahead and achieve a win-win market.

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