SINEE Makes Its Debut at Chengdu International Industry Fair (CDIIF)

25 / 04 / 2021

      As the leader of industrial economy in western China, Chengdu's industrial economy is growing rapidly and steadily. SINEE has also been paying attention to the western industrial development, helping many enterprises to upgrade and transform, and promoting the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry.

      Chengdu International Industry Fair (CDIIF) opened on April 22nd, 2021. As a well-known supplier of industrial automation products and solutions in China, SINEE debuted at this fair and presented many high-tech products.

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      Based on the high position of future industry, CDIIF accurately focuses on Chinese intelligent manufacturing and comprehensively and displays all key links of the whole industrial chain of intelligent manufacturing. It also builds an efficient supply-demand docking bridge for upstream and downstream enterprises, facilitates the integrated development of digital technology and manufacturing, and promotes a new round of industrial capacity development in the west.


      SINEE exhibited many popular products, such as EM730 series inverters, EA180 series servo system as well as EM630C2 dedicated inverters. These innovative products attracted numerous fans!


      In order to provide customers with professional products and services, SINEE's staff enthusiastically introduced products to customers and carefully listened to customers' demands. They discussed the opportunities and challenges of the industrial automation and looked forward to the future development of the industry.



     Thanks again to all friends and customers for your strong support and trust. SINEE will, as always based on the field of automation and combined with our own enterprise advantages, provide customers with good service and create more industry value in the future.

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