●  A high-reliability and small-sized inverter.

●  Support the 3-phase AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor; 

●  A variety of international leading drive control technologies : the vector VF (VVF) control and speed sensorless vector control (SVC);  speed output and torque output.


●  A90 is suitable for air compressor, extruder, fan, pump application etc.

technical data
  • 1.   No need for derating at the ambient temperature of 50°C;

    2.       Small size, leading in the industry;

    3.       Wide speed range and high control accuracy: VF/1:50; SVC/1:200; rated speed: ±0.2%;

    4.       High load capacity in low-frequency band: VF/1Hz/150%, SVC/0.25Hz/150%;

         5.       Perfect protections: protections against the overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overheating, etc

    Technical Specifications of A90 Inverter




  • ●  Rated voltage of power supply: Three-phase AC 340-460V, three-phase/single-phase AC 200V-240V;

    ●  Applicable motor: Three-phase AC asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.

    Model List of A90 Inverter





       Correct selection of the inverter: The rated output current of the inverter is greater than or equal to the rated current of the motor, taking into account the overload capacity.

       The difference between the rated power of the inverter and that of the motor is usually recommended not to exceed two power segments.

       When a high-power inverter is provided with a low-power motor, the motor parameters must be entered accurately to prevent the motor from damage as a result of overload.



    Outline and Installation Dimensions of A90 Inverter




     Appearance of A90-4T1R5B to A90-4T045B inverters


     Appearance of A90-4T060 to A90-4T304


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