●   A high-performance vector control inverter series.

●   Support 3-phase AC induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous  motor.

●   Multiple internationally leading control technologies : improved  vector control VF technology(VVF), sensorless vector control  technology(SVC) and feedback vector control(FVC); Speed output and  torque output; 

●   Expansion, I/O expansion card, field bus expansion card  and multiple PG cards;


technical data
  • 1.    High torque control accuracy: SVC/±8% rated torque, FVC/±5% rated torque;

    2.       Wide speed regulation range and high control accuracy: VF/1:50, SVC/1:200, FVC/1:1000, and ±0.2% rated speed;

    3.       Loading capacity at low frequency: VVF/1Hz/150%, SVC/0.25Hz/150% and FVC/OHz/150%;

    4.       Multiple types of guarantees: Overvoltage stall, rapid current limit, overload protection, overheating protection, off-load protection, overspeed protection, etc.;

    5.       Support I/O expansion: 4 numeric inputs, 1 numeric output, and one -10V-10V voltage input;

    6.       Support field bus expansion and realize various industrial networking: Modbus-RTU bus, Profibus-DP network, CANopen network;

    7.       Support ,multiple encoders: ABZ Incremental Encoder, UVW Incremental Encoder, UVW Wire-Saving Encoder and Rotary Transformer Encoder;

    8.       Built-in DC reactor starting from 11KW, improving power factor and enhancing reliability of the product.

    EM600 Technical Specifications


  • ●   Rated voltage: 3-phase, 380 – 415 V  AC;

    ●  Applicable motor: 3-phase AC induction motor, power range: 0.75 – 400 kW

    ●  Maximum output voltage is identical to input voltage.

    EM600 Model List


    :    The difference between inverter and motor shall not be more than two power ratings. Please try to select a motor that matches with the inverter in rated current.

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    Overall and Installation Dimensions of EM600 Inverter






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