EM730 in Water Supply Function

Date : 2022-03-02 Regions : Southeast Asia Industry : Middle East Product Model : EM730 Series Inverters

The Advantage of EM730 Water Supply Function



Common functions of single pump water supply

1. Network over-pressure alarm function.

2. PID feedback disconnection protection function.

3. Sleep/Awakening function: sleep by frequency, awakening by pressure.


Ease of use

1. After selecting water supply macro, state parameters are configured: output frequency, set pressure, feedback pressure, output current, and AI2 value of analog quantity feedback.

2. Press the shift key to toggle the above state parameters.

3. After selecting the water supply macro, it can be used the rotating potentiometer to adjust the given pressure, and has the function of preventing misoperation.

4. The unit of water supply pressure is kilogram force (bar), which is convenient for customer use.


Debugging steps:


The logic of sleep and awakening: sleep by frequency, awakening by pressure


As for the table of functional parameters and other technical problems, welcome to contact us for more information.

The End

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