EM630 in Winch-typle Pumping Unit Control

Date : 2022-04-11 Regions : Middle East Industry : Product Model : EM630 Series Inverters

EM630 in Winch-typle pumping unit control


1. Introduction

Winch-type pumping unit is an intelligent oil production device developed to meet the production needs of oil wells in oilfield development projects. An integrated winch-type pumping unit was designed and produced based on SINEE EM630 winch-type pumping unit special variable frequency drive (VFD). In order to provide the basis for its application in the future, the performance of the long stroke coil-lift pumping unit under different fluid level conditions, such as pump efficiency, system efficiency, motor power generation, power consumption per ton of liquid per hundred meters and so on, are evaluated by testing on standard simulation test Wells under different working conditions.


2. Advantages

▶ Anti-falling function

When the brake of the equipment fails, it will lead to the failure of the winding rope drum to brake, causing the sucker rod to slide. At this time, the motor is controlled by VFD to start the zero servo function, and the electric braking torque is used to ensure that the sucker rod and the cable do not fall.


Overspeed protection

Monitor the difference between the given speed and the feedback speed in real time to ensure that the difference is within a certain range and avoid device damage caused by abnormal speed.


Brake control logic

The controller automatically realizes the lock control function, the normal operation of reversing is not closed, in the shutdown can be through mechanical braking, locked motor, open in operation.


Impulse design

Users can set different impulses, according to the actual use requirements, to calculate the corresponding operating frequency.


High reliability

It adopts full metal shell, with strong anti-interference ability, high product strength, to avoid other equipment interference shutdown.


High protection

The components of EM630 VFD have special three anti-coating protection, which can resist sand, anti-condensation and anti-corrosion, and also can adapt to large temperature difference in the morning and evening applications.


3. Services

System Integration

According to the different needs of customers, SINEE provides non-standard customized system integration business. The minimum order needs at least 10 direct drive screw pump integrated control cabinets.


Dedicated VFD

According to the common power of the winch, SINEE provides special VFD for EM630 winch-type pumping unit, with 5 power segments: 15KW-37KW. Other powers can also be customized according to requirements.


Consulting Service

Front-end business of product r&d in petroleum industry and information service in petroleum industry.



The End

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