EM730 in Photovoltaic Welding Strip Mill

Date : 2022-04-14 Regions : Southeast Asia Industry : Product Model : EM730 Series Inverters

EM730 in Photovoltaic Welding Strip Mill



1. Introduction

Photovoltaic welding belt, also known as tin-plated copper belt or tin-coated copper belt, is divided into bushing belt and interconnection strip. It is applied to the connection between photovoltaic module cells and plays an important role in conducting and electricizing. With the  development of photovoltaic industry, the research and development of photovoltaic welding belt from the original flat belt to the circular belt and now the triangle welding belt. This application is applied to the current new triangle welding belt equipment.


2. Schematic Diagram


▶ The equipment starts from the active wire-release part on the left side, followed by the drawing part, the calendering part, the servo traction part, the annealing copper wheel part, the main frequency conversion traction part and the winding part.


Active Wire-release Part: Release the bus bar circular wire smoothly and quickly. EM730 inverter has its own winding and unwinding application macro. Use its tension sensor feedback 0~10V voltage signal to the inverter, and then, the inverter through the signal to achieve fast and stable discharge.

Wire Drawing Part: Pull the bus bar round wire into a triangle wire section. EM730 inverter has its own winding and unwinding application macro. Draw its tension sensor feedback 0~10V voltage signal to the inverter, and then, the inverter through the signal to ensure the constant tension of the wire.


Calendering Part: The upper and lower rollers are controlled by two EA180 series servo control respectively. The triangle wire is rolled into flat strip in sections.


Servo Traction Part: Pull the triangle part out smoothly by the traction servo. Use SINEE EA180 series servo driver.


Annealing Copper Wheel Part: After the wire is processed by the front stage, it needs to undergo DC annealing. The wire can be annealed by passing between the positive and negative poles of the annealing wheel. Anneal tension sensor feedback 0~10V voltage signal to the inverter, the inverter through the signal to ensure the wire tension and speed constant. EM730 series inverter is also recommended for DC voltage generation part of annealing inverter, which contains VF separation function and can be used as a power supply.



Main Traction Part: Frequency conversion drives the traction wheel to rotate. The linear speed of the whole line is determined by the main traction frequency conversion.


Winding Part: EM730 inverter with torque motor winding.



3. Typical Connection Diagram of EM730 Inverter Application (Contact us for more information)


4. Advantages of Product Application

EM730 series inverter comes with a winding and unwinding application macro, through the inverter itself can achieve tension adjustment, and greatly reducing the programming burden of electrical engineers.


▶ EM730's high-performance motor control algorithm quickly responds to tension fluctuations for precise tension control and stability.


▶ Easy to debug. Connect the peripheral circuit according to the circuit diagram recommended by SINEE user manual, and set the application macro to run. Usually, the factory electrician can complete the debugging. There is no need for professional electrical engineer.


▶ EM730 series inverter comes with VF separation function, which can control torque motor and also be used as frequency conversion power source.


▶ EA180 series servo offers high precision position control and fast response to ensure complete synchronization of upper and lower rollers. The old scheme used to separate the upper and lower rollers with one belt, which has simple mechanical structure and convenient maintenance. After roller wear, the electronic gear ratio of upper and lower roller can be adjusted to compensate for mechanical wear.


The End

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