EM500 in Needling Machine

Date : 2022-03-15 Regions : South Asia Industry : North Africa Product Model : EM500 Series Inverters

EM500 in Needling Machine


1. Introduction

The needling machine is a blanket equipment which compacting and needling refractory fiber blanket with a certain thickness. The device works by moving an iron plate covered with steel needles up and down, driven by an electric motor, which pricks the material it passes through. In order to avoid workers in the state of shutdown caused by misoperation of the steel needle on the iron plate interrupted, the traditional control requires a PLC to ensure that the stop position is above. Our new solution does not need PLC, just send the stop signal to our EM500 inverter, which will ensure that the steel needle stops in the above position when stopping.


2. Solution diagram


In the figure above, the EM500 inverter rotates with the belt pulley, which drives the needle-punched plate to run up and down through the belt. A proximity switch is installed near the belt pulley as the stop position, the EM500 inverter will automatically find the stop position and slow down the stop.


3. Typical connection diagram of EM500 inverter application



The terminal starts and stops the EM500 inverter. The position signal is connected to the X3 point of the EM500 inverter. The analog output M1 is connected to the tachometer to display the current speed of the motor. The analog quantity AI1 is used to input the running frequency of the EM500 inverter.



4. Advantages of EM500 inverter application

▶ There is no need to use PLC after using EM500 inverter. EM500 inverter itself can realize fixed-point parking, greatly reducing the cost of electrical system.


▶ EM500 series inverter offers excellent speed feedback free vector control, with 150% torque output at 0.25Hz output frequency to ensure normal startup at low frequency with load.

The End

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